Elastic Pitch Competition

If you were in an elevator with a billionaire and wanted to pitch your next big idea, what would you say?

Brown EP will be accepting submissions for its annual pitch competition beginning of October.

How to Enter:
Submit this form by Thursday (10/6). Email with any questions or concerns.

This year the competition will happen in partnership with RISD and Bryant. Student teams from all school will present at Brown’s competition. The Elastic Pitch competition will then rotate schools so that it is hosted by each university and the greatest number of entrepreneurs can be involved.

How to Win!

  1. Opportunity (40%)
  • Clear Market Need
  • Size of Identified Market
  • Stated Competitive Advantage
  1. Strength of Venture Concept (40%)
  • How well it addresses the need
  • Explain its feasibility
  1. Presentation (20%)
  • Does not exceed 60 seconds
  • Engaging/Persuasive
  • Evidence of preparation (No PowerPoint or props of any sort allowed)

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