C.V. Starr Fellowship

A Social Innovation Initiative program funded by the Swearer Center for Public Service

The Starr Fellowship is a 15-month program that provides training, support and resources to help students translate ideas into action.  Fellows will participate in programming throughout the experience that will enhance the impact and sustainability of their efforts and build a community of innovators on campus that will support and propel each other through the process.  The main elements of the Fellowship include:

  • Fellows will be expected to work full time for 10 weeks during the summer to implement the proposed project / initiative as outlined in the fellowship application.
  • Before and after the summer, Fellows will participate in regular meetings (approx two per month) to review the progress and development of their projects and to consider enhancement to their model that will enhance impact, sustainability, or scalability.
  • Boot Camp workshops provide hands-on tools and skills that are essential elements of their project success.  Fellows will be expected to attend workshops that address topics that are relevant to each specific project.
  • Peer Critiques provide a sounding board for student entrepreneurs to give and receive advice and to ask and hear questions to improve project design and avoid reinvention.  Each Fellow will be expected to present their project three times during the program – and to attend at least three other sessions to participate in the discussion of other projects.
  • Fellows will tell the story of their journey throughout the project as blog entries to help others learn from their successes and from their difficulties.  The Personal Statement in the application will become the first “chapter” in this story – describing the genesis of the project and lessons learned to date.

For more information, check out the Starr Fellowship SII page:

To learn more about current and previous Starr Fellows:


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