Brown Venture Labs

Application Deadline: Fri Feb 17
Announcement of Finalists:
Fri Feb 24
 Sun Feb 26

What kind of teams are you looking for?
We accept teams across industries, regardless of whether they only have an idea, or they’ve reached the prototyping stage.

How many final teams will be accepted?
3-4 depending on industry, number of founders, and resources (our industry mentors and panelists).

What is the program like?
All of the components in the Brown Venture Labs program have been given a high level of thought and are designed to inspire the practice of innovation and problem-solving. The program will be kickstarted by a mentorship speed dating session, in which founders will have a chance to meet and match with potential mentors. Core programming will be centered around pitch sessions (in front of an entrepreneurial board consisting of founders, professors, mentors, investors, and peers), meet-ups with industry leaders, and access to video-conferencing sessions with high-calibur mentors.  The program will culminate in a private reception with VCs and angel investors following the EP Startup Competition. A formal Demo Day in Boston or NY may follow, depending on a mid-session evaluation in April.

What is the commitment?
We’re committed to creating a program that works to help you transform your idea to prototype, and bring it to the market. In addition to pitch sessions with a highly-vetted board to point you to the direction of problems, identify gaps in your business model, and reiterate, there will be conferences hosted by top-notch mentors on topics ranging from “Inspiring Support and Enthusiasm for Your Vision Through Stories That Sell” and “Abandon Your Business Plan: Strategic Planning vs. Business Plans.” Formal commitment is approximately 3 hours/week.

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