We help members of the Brown community start businesses. We support students by helping them develop their self awareness, global perspective, and innovative thinking. Our students are intelligent, energetic, and creative; they share a collective desire to make an impact on the world.

The Brown University Entrepreneurship Program (EP) was founded in January 1998 by David Cohen and Evan Geller. At of the program’s core is a dedication to students’ personal and professional development. We help students build relationships with faculty, alumni, and investors so that they can make an impact. We are a community of innovators eager to share our passion and influence positive change.


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  1. Philip Price says:


    My name is Philip Price and I am a Brown Alumni currently studying for my MBA in nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship at American University in Washington DC. Before moving to DC I worked at the Met Center http://metcenter.org/ in Providence, RI, as a teacher, principal and Director of Curriculum.

    I am currently helping the students and faculty at the Met re-brand and re-launch a student soda company. I am looking for 2-3 bright, motivated, entrepreneurial individuals to work with a small group of students (2-10?) from September 2011 to June 2012 to make this happen. I expect that these individuals would work with the students about 6 hours a week to help them:

    undertake market research on the beverage industry
    develop and test the new product
    develop a corporate strategy for years 1-2 after the re-launch
    develop a marketing and sales strategy for years 1 and 2 after the launch

    Unfortunately this will not be a paid internship but there is a possibility that these individuals could get a small commission from the sales of the soda company.

    Can you disseminate this to undergrads and graduate students who might be interested in this opportunity? If anyone has any questions or wants more information my email address is philippricedc@gmail.com .

    I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

    Many thanks


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